Quality Service

We accept limited customers and light users only. We try our best to make sure the tools are substantially stable with minimum downtime.

Awesome Customer Support

We provide active customer support all throughout the year. Our support team replies back within 24 hours max and on all 7 days a week.

Extremely Affordable Prices

Our prices are extremely fair and affordable. We provide a huge collection of 40+ awesome tools for less than 25 dollars per month.

Windows and Mac OS

We support both Windows OS and Mac OS. Please note that some tools are provided access using RDP for Mac users (around 10-12 tools only).

Get the best SEO, Content, and, Creative tools for a one-inclusive price

Are you looking for a complete package of important tools at a pocket-friendly price?

Are you looking for a group buy where quality is far more important than volume of customers?

Are you a light user who does not need and cannot afford the extremely steep prices of SEO tools?

Have you tried other group buys where the limits are exhausted and the accounts rarely work due to overselling of the tools? PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow heavy usage of any of our tools. In the case of Ahrefs, only 10 domain checks are allowed per day per user max.

If the answer to the above questions are yes, you are definitely in the right group buy. We accept limited and trusted customers who are light users. Heavy users are not allowed in our group buy and should purchase directly from the respective tool.

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  • I'm almost a year client of your services. I just want to give you guys a massive thank you for the great job! It's amazing that the use of these tools is made affordable. Keep up the good work!
  • I’m here to say I’ve tested some tools and everything works well. I’ve been in other seo tool groups and none worked. So, Thank you for your effort.
  • Thanks a lot. Thank you also for providing such a great support, even on Sundays.
  • I like your way of doing business. And I will just say I am impressed with your GB so far!
    South Africa


Default FAQ

Group Buy is the process of sharing of premium tools so that the expenditure of the tools is reduced for website owners who do not need heavy usage. Please note that we only allow light users in our group buy and heavy users should purchase directly from the respective tool. We are not a replacement to any too whatsoever.
We support Windows OS and Mac OS. We do not support android or mobile operating system. Please note that around 10-12 tools are provided access using RDP for Mac users while the others are provided access using our browser extensions.
All the accounts provided in our group buy are shared with other customers. So, the resources of the accounts are shared and are only suitable for users who need to use the tools lightly. Heavy users should purchase directly from the respective tool.
No, we do not allow heavy or unlimited usage of any tool at all. Only light users are accepted in our group buy. We try to be fair both to our customers as well as the tools. Any user who needs heavy or dedicated usage should purchase directly from the respective tool. Only light users and small time webmasters are allowed in our group buy. Anyone found using heavily, sharing or abusing any tool is banned from our group buy forever.
No, we do not provide the login details of any tools at all. We provide access mainly using browser extensions that we have developed. For a few tools, we also provide access using Firefox Portable browsers. For Mac users, we provide access to some tools (in the Mega Pack) using remote connection (RDP) to our Windows server.
Although we try our best to maintain a very good uptime and rarely face issues, we cannot guarantee 100% update for all the tools. There are times when accounts face issues and so, we guarantee 30+ of the 40+ tools to work at a time. However, a lot more than that work at almost all times.
We provide multiple forms of support including email support, live-chat (which gets converted to a support form when we are offline), help-desk and Skype. Our support is active almost every day throughout the year though it might take up to 12-24 hours in rare cases.
No, we need to change accounts at times due to various issues, and so, we cannot guarantee constant accounts. Your data might also be visible to other users though we try to block historical searches in our tools wherever possible. Please purchase only if you need the accounts for short term work such as research etc. For long term or dedicated work, you need to purchase your own accounts from the respective tools.
All our payments are recurring monthly payments. The prices quote above are monthly prices and are automatically renewed every month. If you would like to cancel your recurring payment, please contact us before the billing date of the following month and we will cancel the recurring payment on our end.
Our accounts are delivered within 12-24 hours max. However, it is delivered a lot earlier if we are online and receive replies to any queries we send (such as queries about OS or limits) from the customer soon.

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